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Charlotte Ellis, Learning Technology Media Adviser

With digital skills being key for both yourself and your students during their studies and their future after graduation, it is important to promote this throughout your teaching and learning. The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) team have been collaborating with academic staff to create their own media content as well as embedding media-based student assignments into the curriculum. This form of assessment promotes student creativity and is great for group work, as students can draw upon each other’s strengths. In addition, it can support working with students as partners where aspects of their assessment can be negotiated, allowing submissions from a choice of media type which meet the requirements of the assessment.

The Create website is an online resource that you can use with your students to increase their digital skills, by assisting them while they are undertaking an alternative assessment. Students who have used the site have “found it valuable to understand how this kind of digital skills can be applied to their future”.

The site covers how to create a video using your mobile device to film through to the editing process, with hints and tips along the way to make your piece look more professional. Looking at infographics and interactive posters to augmented reality (AR), whatever you are interested in there is probably a page, a link or a help video to guide you through the process.

If any academic staff would like to include a media-based assignment within their teaching, please contact TEL on

You can also contact TEL if you would like to discuss adding content materials to the ‘Create’ site to assist your students within their learning.