We Video – How video creation can enhance your student’s experience

By Matt Gilooly (Learning Technology Media Advisor / Associate Lecturer in Media Production)

For some time, we have rolled out We Video across the university in a multitude of ways from media based assessments to video creation to enrich module content.

For those of you who haven’t experienced WeVideo, it is a video editing platform similar to Movie Maker or iMovie, but with a big difference! It’s cloud based, which means all your video content and assets sit on the cloud and you edit through an online portal without having to install big and heavy programmes on your machine. This is beneficial for lots of reasons, as it allows you to pick up an edit on any machine just by logging in and it allows real time collaboration on edits between multiple users while constantly backing up your project just in case your internet cuts off. Find out more about We Video.

So, getting back to how we are using it, as a Learning Technology Media Advisor, my job is to promote its use with media creation in lots of ways e.g., media-based assessments and the creation of course content. However, this involves helping academic and professional service colleagues  and delivering workshops to facilitate those actions. These normally are the conversations that academic colleagues enjoy the most as I can help them to transform taught module sessions and embed core digital literacy components for their students to learn and develop.

Feedback from colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive with academics using it on a weekly basis with their students to create rich course content. See below what they think: