Media Showcase

By Charlotte Gregory-Ellis and Matt Gilooly (Learning Technology Media Advisors)

Over the last couple of months, the Media Advisers within the Digital Learning team ran sessions on some of the media software that you can use as academics within your teaching and learning practice.

Each session allowed staff to discover different ideas for multimedia use within digital course content, student assignments and to support the development of digital capabilities. The sessions involved academic colleagues from across the University highlighting how they are using a media system or digital tool within their teaching and assessment practice.

If you missed the sessions live, you can now catch up on the recordings within Panopto to find out more about how staff are utilising these media tools.

If you would like to know more about any of the tools we have available for colleagues to use, please contact one of your Media Advisers for more information:

Charlotte Gregory-Ellis –

Matt Gilooly –

DELTA Media Showcase – Panopto

Haley Mantell; Centre for Contemporary Hospitality & Tourism.
*Audio only*
Haley discusses how she has used Panopto with her students. Listen to how she changed the practice from a written portfolio to a formative presentation using Panopto and connecting it to PebblePad.

Benefits to students included:
– Allowed them to view it and give themselves feedback
– Providing the students with a video form of their assessment brief
– Students were able to share different video presentations across modules to compare how they had developed over time.

Key points to take away:
– We would encourage colleagues to have a go and try this themselves
– It is simple to use
– It has a variety of different uses

View in Panopto (requires UoD login to access)

DELTA Media Showcase – WeVideo

James Keenan; Senior Lecturer in Sport Outdoor and Exercise Science.
James discusses how he has used WeVideo with his students. Listen to how he has changed the practice to include videos as part of the students’ assessment as well to provide feedback.

Benefits to students included:
– Allowed them to view their technique and provide peer-to-peer feedback.
– Able to link to the professional standards and practical competency for students to become a coach.
– Student were able to demonstrate their understanding by transferring theory to practice.

Key points to take away:
– There is a lot of preparatory activities, but it saves time later on. 
– Adding video to the module has enhanced the overall module.
– The Digital Learning Media Advisers can assist and be hugely supportive in bringing your ideas together.

View in Panopto (requires UoD login to access)

DELTA Media Showcase – Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

Oliver Godsmark; Senior Lecturer in History.
Oliver discusses how he has used Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) with his students. Listen to how he has changed practice to be more accessible by giving his students an authentic and applied strategy to their learning and assessment process.

Benefits to students included:
– Providing an authentic and applied assessment.
– Building his students’ confidence in using digital media.
– Getting the students to be more creative and engaged in the teaching content.

Key points to take away:
– Embed the tool throughout your teaching sessions, and not just as an add-on for assessment, familiarising the students throughout.
– This approach builds the academics’ confidence and skillset in using digital media within their teaching.
– The team can see a shift in engagement with the students with them wanting to utilise more media content in other modules and assessments.

View in Panopto (requires UoD login to access)