Evaluating the Student Digital Experience at the University of Derby

The Jisc Digital Experience Insights Survey provides an opportunity to ask students and staff about their digital experiences at the University. Alongside surveying our staff, it also provides us with the opportunity to compare their experiences to other users of the survey within the HE sector. 

The University has used the survey since 2016, which has provided longitudinal data helping us to see patterns and changes in responses to a core set of questions. This has provided the University with valuable evidence about the expectations, experiences and digital practice taking place and allowed us to respond to the needs identified in responses. 

2018-19 Student Survey Results 

The 2018-19 Student survey took place for two weeks in December 2018. The report (coming soon) provides an overview of the key data taken from this survey data, identifying a set of recommendations to be taken forward by the University. This report was also presented at the universities Digital Experience Steering Group, Digital Governance Panel and the Student Experience Learning and Teaching Committee. 

This infographic also provides a quick overview of some of the key data from the 2018-19 student survey. 

Infographic of student digital experience with data

How could I use the data provided in this survey to support my teaching practice? 

The data in the survey provides a useful insight into student experiences, preferences and needs of the use of digital technology in their learning and teaching. This information points towards the use of pedagogical practices which can help to improve the student experience and curriculum design of your course. For instance, in 2018-19 students expressed a preference for course-related videos, this could help you to consider how you currently use these types of resources and whether there are further opportunities to provide these to support their learning. 

An example of this can also be seen in how the data has been used at an institutional level to support several initiatives to improve the digital experience of both students and staff: 

  • Introduce institutional tools to provide further opportunities for students to contribute to learning activities through Padlet and Poll Everywhere. 
  • The introduction of Blackboard Ally to provide users of the VLE alternative versions of learning resources to download and use, making these resources more inclusive. 
  • Improvements to policy including the requirement for all appropriate lectures to be recorded or pre/post-sessional digital recording summaries provided. 
  • Improvements to the WiFi provision at the University and further communications to staff and students to encourage them to use the Eduroam service. 
  • The introduction of a Digital Capability Discovery tool to help students and staff understand their strengths and areas for development in this area.