Festival of Learning 2020 – Submission Guidance

Due to the current situation the 2nd Annual Festival of Learning will now be held remotely as an extended three day online event in July (14th – 16th). We invite colleagues to submit proposals for pre-recorded sessions via our Festival webpage. Our TEL team have produced the following guidance to support video submissions. Examples of last year’s proposals can be viewed on Panopto.

Video Submission

Creating a video is simple, creative and memorable with it being easy to use your mobile device to film. When you make a film, the process can be split into 3 distinct areas:

We have created a quick guide to creating a video and some advice for using your mobile device.

Panopto Presentation

Creating a recording of a presentation through Panopto is an easy way to demonstrate to your audience your idea. You can use a PowerPoint presentation and record the screen while you talk over expressing your interests.

The Digital Practice Handbook gives you some advice on how to download Panopto onto your own computer and record your presentation.

Adobe Spark

(You can use your Google account to sign in, but it’s free)

Adobe Spark can help you create ‘social graphics’, ‘web stories’ and ‘Animated videos’. These maybe a useful and creative way to create an alternative submission. The video element has a story template that gives you guidance on how to structure your video.

It also has apps you can add to your phone/tablet: ‘Spark Post’, ‘Spark Page’ and ‘Spark Video’. Adobe Spark also has a blog which has some useful tips and tricks for filming.

Additional Advice – Submitting

If you would like any further advice about creating your submission, please contact the TEL Team on tel@derby.ac.uk.

All University staff submissions are to be uploaded to Panopto in your ‘My Folder’ in Panopto, change the sharing permissions (see ‘Sharing Panopto recordings in email or websites’), and the Panopto link included in your proposal submission.

It is asked that staff from our collaborative partners (without access to Panopto) share their video files via WeTransfer (using the email festivaloflearning@derby.ac.uk).