How can our Digital Media Producers help you create digital media elements for your teaching and learning?

Charlotte Ellis, Learning Technology Media Adviser

What are Digital Media Producers?

Our Digital Media Producers (DMPs) are students employed by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) to co-create engaging media-rich course materials with academic staff. The role provides the students the opportunity to increase their digital and employability skills while studying, and gain experience working in a professional media production environment.

The DMPs have been working with CELT since the beginning of 2019 and have created impactful content for academics across the University of Derby. Some of academics that have already worked work them have said:

“they’ve been totally fantastic … really professional”

“I really appreciate all your hard work, your ideas and creative input.”

You can view a showreel of some of their work.

Our Digital Media Producers are involved in projects across the university and work with you, the academic, to create digital content to enhance your teaching and learning materials and increase the student learning experience.

If you wish to collaborate with a DMP to produce high quality media materials, you need to complete a video brief proposal with a CELT Learning Technology Media Adviser. This proposal focusses on the aims and objectives of the production and how they might best be met. A DMP is then allocated to the project and they then take the lead role in organising and planning production schedules with yourself to deliver the project to agreed deadlines. All completed projects are signed off by a supervising Learning Technology Media Adviser before being delivered and shared on the university’s Panopto video sharing platform.

For further information

If you would like to discuss your ideas with a Learning Technology Media Adviser, please contact Charlotte Ellis,