International Travel Awards – Budapest Experience by our CELT Student Placement

I recently had the chance to travel to Budapest with the International Travel Awards. This is an opportunity available to all University of Derby students which aims to enrich students’ knowledge of different cultures and enhance the overall student experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, explore a new place and get stuck into new experiences. If you’re a University of Derby student I encourage you to apply, you definitely won’t regret it.

On the first full day in Budapest we all took part in a scavenger hunt which gave us an opportunity to get to know our group members for the trip as well as see a lot of the city. Later in the day we all went to the ‘Hospital in the Rock’ which was incredibly interesting, yet hard hitting, as it has a devastating history behind it. Throughout the trip we learnt fascinating facts about the history of Budapest as well as learning about traditions such as placing a small rock instead of flowers by the ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ memorial, as flowers’ symbolise of new life rather than the permanence of stone.

The next day was a social day, meaning that we had free choice of what to do. There were a range of suggested options such as the Christmas markets, Holocaust museum and Gellert spa. This social day gave a chance to get to know individuals outside of the planned activity groups and even go explore by yourself (if you check with your group leader first!). In the evening all the students and staff had a meal together at a traditional Hungarian restaurant that had music and dance performances throughout the night. It was a wonderful atmosphere to be in- everyone laughing together and talking as though we all knew each other before the trip.

There were many more great experiences over the days in Budapest – including caving and a river cruise – but it’s not enough to hear about it, go experience it yourself! #DerbyUniPassport

Author: Megan Gericke (CELT Student Placement)