Staff Digital Capability Discovery Tool

Discover your digital skills and capabilities! It is important for us all to continue to develop our digital capabilities to ensure we have the skills we need to live, learn and work in a digital world. The University has made a commitment within its TEL Strategy to help develop digital capabilities in both staff and students. The Digital Discovery Tool helps you to reflect on your digital expertise and confidence.  Find out how to make digital technologies work for you and get noticed for the skills you have already.

By filling in the short profile you will receive:

  • A summary of your digital profile
  • Personalised feedback
  • Suggested actions for improving your digital capability
  • Links to resources to support your development
  • A digital badge for each set of questions you complete

Completing the tool can also be useful when having DPR conversations with managers.

You can use your University of Derby account to access the Discovery Tool but remember to choose University of Derby – NOT Corporate.

Once within the tool you can choose the questions set most relevant to your role or complete the general digital capabilities to get an overview of where you are.

Author: Laura Hollinshead (Learning Technologist-Curriculum Devt)