Using Panopto to Provide Video Feedback

By Johanna Fenton (Learning Technologist – Curriculum Development)

We have had many academics asks us about different ways to deliver feedback over the last few years. This can include things like using rubrics, quick marks, and the audio feature in Turnitin, and video feedback.

Whilst each method has their own merits and can of course be combined, a particular benefit of using audio and video, where it’s appropriate and viable, can be to offer a more effective personal approach to feedback, giving space for more expression and reducing the ambiguity that text can sometimes present.

At the Festival of Learning 2021, Dr. Samantha Drake, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science, shared her experiences of using Panopto, the lecture capture system, to create video feedback that students engage with, understand and find helpful. In this presentation she:

  • highlights the advantages of using video feedback on students’ work
  • gives an honest appraisal of some of the limitations and potential pitfalls when using video feedback
  • lets you know what students and an external examiner thought
  • provides plenty of top tips for smooth implementation
  • demos the process she uses to create the video feedback

The full recording is available to view on Panopto (click link to view in a new tab).