AccessAbility: What are the common accessibility issues Ally identifies? 

Ally provides the institution with a report helping us to identify the common accessibility issues within the content on Course Resources. We thought it would be useful to share with you the common problems found and how you can fix them. 

No alternative text on images – This could be images within learning content such as documents, presentations or spreadsheets but could also include images uploaded directly into Course Resources. Visually impaired students will not be able to access the information contained within this picture unless alternative text has been added. 

To fix this look at Add Image Descriptions 

Contrast Issues – This refers to problems with their being insufficient difference between the background colour of a document and anything which appears on top of this. For instance, having light blue text on a white background makes this much harder to read. 

To fix this look at Fix Text Contrast  

No headers within document – This refers to documents where heading styles are not used. It could be that visually you are able to distinguish through where the headings are, however, for those who use assistive technology to access content they will not be able to understand the structure of the document. Using heading styles will provide them with this structure but also help others to use the navigation page to find specific sections. 

To fix this look at Add headings to a document 

Table headers are not identified – As with headers within documents, not having table headers can make it hard for those using assistive technology to interpret the information in a table. 

To fix this look at Add headers to tables