AccessAbility: What is Ally and how can it help me? 

Ally is a tool in Course Resources designed to help make content accessible. We are all responsible for ensuring learning content can be accessed by all our students and Ally is a key tool to support us in doing this. 

It provides: 

  • An automatic check on the accessibility of uploaded content and creates alternative accessible formats available to both students and staff (e.g PDF, ebook, MP3 and electronic braille). 
  • Feedback to staff on how to improve the accessibility of their module content. This appears as an indicator next to your uploaded content. Clicking on the indicator will take you to a Feedback Panel, which will provide you with guidance. It will explain the problem, identify this within your content and tell you how to fix it. 

Go to your module in Course Resources and take a look at how accessible your content is and how you can make your content more accessible. 

For more information on Ally and how it works, look at the Ally page on the Digital practice Handbook. 

If you have more questions, or would like a training session, then please contact