DigiKnow – Box of Broadcasts

Nathan Addai, Student Digital Learning Officer 

What is the tool? 

BOB is a very useful online resource powered by Learning on Screen. It is an on demand TV and radio programme archive. It is accessible to every student through their UDo (University Derby Online) account: 

Screenshot of Box of Broadcasts

What can it do? E.g. key features

  • Allows you to stream any TV/radio programme previously broadcasted on British television through all free-to-air channels (e.g. BBC, ITV), including broadcasted material no longer available through on-demand services from broadcasters. This also includes one-off broadcasts of films, e.g. Christmas film premieres on BBC One. The archive currently goes all the way back to programmes in 2007. 
  • Citations available to copy and paste for every programme, for use in bibliographies for instance 
  • Provides extra features to broaden learning inclusivity, such as word-for-word transcripts of whole programmes, and a search tool to find specific time markers where specific words are pronounced in the audio – a great tool for focused research. 
  • Ability to make programme playlists and share with peers, to help make digital research a more enriching social experience  

Why would I use it? (e.g. case studies for learning and teaching) 

Clearly, our learning is not just based purely on books, academic journals, magazine articles or other written forms of communication. It is important to consider credible visual/audio sources of information for academic research as well, particularly for topics that are highly topical in the present time. BoB, for many students, could be the only free accessing point they have, through their institution, to watch, save and academically site broadcasted media to enrich the breadth of their research and knowledge regarding their subject area. From my own personal experience, BoB is particularly useful for media or arts students who may have to analyse specific shots/moments of dialogue in parts of a film/programme, for their essays and dissertations. Whether looking for programmes to cite in an essay, to add to general subject knowledge, or just to be entertained – or all three – I very highly recommend the use of BoB. It is a rare, rich service provided to University of Derby students to add diversity and enjoyment to the digital learning experience. 

Quick help guide of key features and links out to help guides (e.g. our digital handbook) 

More general information about BoB can be found in this link: https://learningonscreen.ac.uk/ondemand/help.php/about 

You can learn more about Learning on Screen’s other work on their website: https://learningonscreen.ac.uk/about/