Useful tool to reflect on your digital capabilities and skills

Laura Hollinshead, Learning Technologist 

If you are thinking about your digital skills, now is a good time to reflect and consider areas where you might want to develop your skills further. This is important for all roles in the university as we continue to work in smart and efficient ways, whilst providing the best experience for our students.  

The Discovery Tool can help you with this. It provides: 

  • A general question to help you explore your general digital capabilities 
  • Specialist questions sets for teaching HE, FE and library and learning resources 
  • A report summarising your areas of strength and for development 
  • Ideas for next steps to develop your digital skills further 
  • Links to useful resources to support your development 

Alongside this tool you may find it useful to review these profiles as they provide examples of relevant digital capabilities focused on the nature your role. 

There are plenty of opportunities to gain support with developing your skills including training sessions delivered through OPD, CELT, IT and support online such as in the Microsoft Educator Community.