Providing education for sustainable development in the Foundation Pathways Programme

By Laura Hollinshead (Learning Technologist – Curriculum Development)

As a programme, The Foundation Pathways Programme (FPP), which sits on the border between further education and higher education, has suffered from a lack of identity within the University. Through this ‘identity crisis’ and a strong desire to be a small, but meaningful, cog in the machinery of sustainability and global citizenship, the programme team have used the United Nations sustainable development goals to consider how they can provide education for sustainable development.

During the Festival of Learning 2021, FPP lecturers Jo Vale and James Keith examined how the recent revalidation of the FPP provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on who they are, who they want to be and what values they want to foster in their students.

A recording of the session is available to view on Panopto (click link to view in a new tab).