The Importance of Student Socialisation: Exploring strategies to connect students with one another in a blended environment

By Rob Higson (Learning Technologist – Curriculum Development)

A stylised image showing people connected to each other.

Developing a strong learning community has always been critical in ensuring that our students feel connected to their chosen subject area and to wider university life.

When developing module content, a critical component is considering the activities we are designing, and whether they are encouraging whole-cohort learning, or involve students working in isolation. During the Festival of Learning 2021, Chris Bell and Rob Higson, from the Digital Learning team, explored how effective student socialisation can help to build a bridge across modes of study, and some of the tools available to help create engaging interactions within online synchronous sessions.

The presentation considers…

  • the Off-campus Digital Learning Baselines, particularly those speaking to ‘student socialisation’.
  • how to use technology to help students engage with one another in synchronous and asynchronous modes of study.
  • Top tips for Engagement across Different Modes of Study

The full recording is available to view on Panopto (click link to view in a new tab).