Recording a workshop 

By Charlotte Gregory-Ellis (Learning Technology Media Adviser)

Recording teaching sessions provide several benefits for students that can aid them in engaging with their studies. Recordings provide a versatile way for students to catch up or review content from live sessions at their own pace.  

Although there is an expectation that all sessions are recorded, you do not have to record the whole session if it is not appropriate. For example, during a workshop, you possibly will not be able to capture all practical elements of the session. However, instead you can record an introduction to the practical elements and a summary to recap on what were the key points of learning from the session. The recordings can be made during the session or captured afterwards and uploaded for your students to access.  

These recordings can be used to effectively communicate with your students, providing extra support and be a valuable tool to support assessment preparation. Recordings can be viewed in their entirety or just used to review a short section, they can be paused or sped up, are searchable and navigable, and provide accessibility options such as captions.