Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS) 2021

By Dr Chris Ribchester (Associate Professor)

This year’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme was launched on Friday, 12 March. The URSS is an opportunity for you to apply for funding to complete a research project, over the summer months, in collaboration with a member of staff. Please click here for a recording of the launch event and click here for a recording of our ‘Writing your research proposal’ support workshop. More information about the Scheme is also available on our webpage.

Over the next few days, CELT will be publishing blogs with further ideas and guidance for all potential applicants.

It’s essential that all applications align in some way to existing research at the University of Derby. As there is lots of interesting research taking place at the University, this provides plenty of opportunities for you. One way to find out more is to look at the work of the University’s various Research Centres and Groups. Staff in all the groupings listed below have indicated their interest in supervising student URSS projects this year. Does the work of any of these Research Centres align with your research interests?

As mentioned at the launch, another great way of finding more information about research at Derby is to look at these research impact case studies. What catches your eye here?

If you have any questions about the URSS, please email: urss@derby.ac.uk