Using multimedia resources within learning activities

By Stephanie Rushton (Senior Lecturer Photography – Professional and Applied)

The approach taken:

I utilise BoB (Box of Broadcasts) and YouTube videos within my live online lectures to illustrate the use of cinematographic lighting techniques to instil atmosphere and visual narrative subtext in both still (and moving) imagery.

At the beginning of the lecture, I start with a PowerPoint, with approximately 30 slides illustrating the key principles, alongside links to the relevant BoB or YouTube clips to expand the topic further. Both BoB and YouTube allow for a specified length of clip to be created with a unique URL that can be inserted into the PowerPoint

This works well for my teaching. For example, if I talk about Lynchian cinematography to people over a certain age they will immediately think of the colour of the lighting in ‘Blue Velvet’ or the bizarre camera angles in ‘Twin Peaks’ but this needs to be illustrated for students who may not have heard of David Lynch and the legacy of his cinematographic influence on fashion and advertising photography. This is where the clips on BoB can demonstrate this to my students. I can talk about Wes Anderson’s use of symmetry and fondness for pastel colour palettes and link to film clips that illustrate this far more effectively than with a few still images.

There are some great resources for photographers available on BoB, I have saved playlists for different types of lectures on creative communication, visual theory etc. For example I use this BoB link about Sam Taylor Wood programme on Cinematography styles that have influenced her artmaking.

For more Information:

To find out more about using BoB in your teaching, take a look at our BoB help guide (UoD staff login required) or contact the Digital Learning team (