What digital skills and capabilities are essential for our students?

As part of the work CELT have been carrying out looking at the importance of digital capabilities, we have created a profile of digital skills for students. Adapted from the profiles created by Jisc, the University of Derby version helps to provide an example of the different skills you might see in the different elements of digital capability outline in the Jisc Framework. 

These profiles can be adapted to include the discipline specific digital skills and capabilities for programmes where certain skills are essential or need to be emphasised. The language can also be customised to make it more relevant to students and match that used within their subject area or programme. 

So how is this profile useful? Here are some ideas. 

  • To help emphasise the importance of the range of digital skills and capabilities it is important for students to have. 
  • To help students understand the importance of specialist digital skills amongst more general areas for development. 
  • To review the different digital skills and capabilities being developed by students in and out of the curriculum and identify areas which are not yet considered. 
  • To sit alongside using the Discovery Tool to help students to review their confidence in the different areas of digital skill and capability. 
  • To consider what digital skills and capabilities are required for the future which we should be helping our students to develop. 

Take a look at the UoD student digital capability profile