Student Experiences of a Dual Component Remote Learning Model.

By Johanna Fenton (Learning Technologist – Curriculum Development) 

In response to the need for remote teaching in the 2020-21 academic year, the MSc Forensic Psychology programme developed a framework for how the team would deliver their weekly sessions, recognising the limitations of 3 hour lectures pre-covid and their interactions with Covid restrictions.

Weekly sessions were split into two sections:

  1. Pre-recorded and edited material containing core unit-specific information, which was accompanied by four asynchronous activities of varying lengths, difficulties, and purpose.
  2. A synchronous live session at a later date/time, where the purpose was to consolidate information, facilitate socialisation, and to answer residual question

At the Festival of Learning 2021, Dean Fido, Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, explained how the programme team broke up the weekly sessions into regular pre-recorded material and scaffolded asynchronous activities, with live sessions designed to consolidate information, facilitate socialisation and answer residual questions. Students join Dean to share their reflections of how this approach supported them to learn and develop during their studies. UoD staff, students, and staff at partner institutions can watch the recording here (the presentation runs up until the 16:50 mark). (Click to open in a new tab).