Using Media in your teaching for dynamic learning

By Laura Hollinshead (Learning Technologist-Curriculum Development)

As technology develops, embedding itself within business and processes, it is crucial that the skills development of employees keeps up with the evolving digital landscape. There is a recognised digital skills gap within the UK, and it is important that our students have the opportunity to engage with the technologies of their subject area and develop the digital skills necessary to enter the workplace.

A diagram showing elements of Digital Skills and Opportunities within a course.

One key digital skill is that of the digital creation of media. At the Festival of Learning 2021, Matt Gilooly, Learning Technology Media Advisor, and Barbora Horackova, Campaigns Marketing Intern, explored the creation of digital media for learning and teaching purposes, including enabling students to create their own content. Barbora provides a student perspective on why digital skills and opportunities within her course have been beneficial not only in an academic atmosphere but a professional one, sharing her own experiences of the workplace.

The session looks at all levels of digital media creation, current tools and practice, as well as the opportunity to think about how you can get your students interacting with digital tools.

UoD staff, students, and staff at partner institutions can watch the recording on Panopto (click link to view in a new tab).